Dommarkommentarar frå Siddis Brass 2006

Her kjem dommarkommentarane frå Siddis Brass.

Paul B Farr skreiv:
Softly, Softly
Fantastic dynamic opening. Well balanced tuned, and played with energy. Good pulse througout. Really super attack. Nice Bass solo. All sections seem to be thoroughly prepared. This was very impressive. Good.

Windows of the world, Rainforest
Quite beautiful change of atmosphere. Again a nice pulse but the band should be more sympathetic to the lovely horn soloist. She could play up a little but even so it's a shame not to hear her so clearly. You play really nice and the feeling you have for the solo is perfect. Nice playing.

The secret of Monkey Island
You could almost feel you were there! Another good start with fine pulse, the perc could have relaxed a bit on the volume which might have made things more clear. Even so, a good piece played and performed well.

Caribbean cave
A super piece for your programme. Lots of fun and energy. There was a good feeling in this. Good.

Good pulse once again but this lacked dynamic contrast. It had energy and enthusiasm but we need more range of sounds. It became a bit forceful. Having said that there was a lot of hard work done by you, all to be heared, some fine individual efforts. The ensemble was pretty good. The balance wasn't quite correct in the Finale, (muted) cornets pp and Euph (Solo) p. The cresc og sound up to the end was good and well controlled, generally. Very well prepared and presented on the whole.

Gwyn Evans skreiv:
Softly, Softly
Great start, nice driving tuba with a full big sound of the band. Lots of energy and a great perc section. Good opener.

Excellent perc, you set the scene. Beautiful Horn playing, well done. Nice broad sound from the lower band. Maybe a better balance between band and soloist could have helped.

The secret of Monkey Island
Some great effects at the beginning. I really enjoyed the playing in this piece. Great stuff.

Caribbean cave
Excellent perc section, maybe a better balance between the tuned and the other perc could have helped. Can't really hear any detail if the untuned drums get too loud. However it was a great performance and a great arrangement.

Confident start, great bass sound. It's a shame you rush a little and you loose details. Excellent dynamic effects. Just spoilt by the rushing ensemble. "Final Hymn" - Nice Euph, this builds well to a dramatic Maestoso ending. Some excellent playing and well directed by the M.D.

A very nice balanced programme, each piece flowing nicely into each other. Well done perc. Well thought out by the M.D.

Excellent Solo Horn who produced a rich warm sound.

Well done and many thanks.

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